Property Notice

Public Notice Property ad in 2 newspapers starts 3339/- on wards

Public Notice property ads has to be placed in newspapers when a prospective buyer or seller wishes to buy or sell a property and intends to know if there is any claim or objection by way of sale, exchange, mortgage, charge, gift, maintenance, inheritance, possession, lease, tenancy, sub tenancy, lien, license, mortgage, transfer of title or beneficial interest under any trust right of prescription or pre-emption or under any Agreement or other disposition or under any decree. etc

He mentions the schedule of the Property with complete technical specifications.

Usually a 14 day waiting period is mentioned in the ad for the claimants.

Issuing a public notice property ad you propose to purchase in publications is always advisable. The notice has to be published in a daily having wide circulation in the area where the property is situated. The notice is to be published after the sale agreement is executed.

Notice to the public is only a precautionary measure and it is not binding on anyone having interest in the property. They may ignore the notice and many might not even see the notice at all. The public notice serves the purpose of qualifying the purchaser as a bonafide purchaser of the property. However, it is one of best methods of scrutinizing a property for double ownership.

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