Times Of India

Public Notice in Times of India comes with a Fabulous Discount in the classifieds Category. Usually all other categories are considered as commercial categories, However Public Notice ads in Times of India are given special importance because of the nature of the ad as they are considered a formality.

The Rates are low as 400/- per sq.cm

As such a Min. ad in Times of India with an ad size of 3(w) x 5 (h) may cost you as follows

Public Notice in Times of India :

Ad size : 3 x 5

Ad Rate : 400/- per sq.cms

AD Amt : 6000/-

5% GST Will be Extra

Public Notices are usually placed in one English and one local regional language paper. This can be achieved by taking a combination of Times of India + Navbharat Times /Maharashtra Times

Times Of India + Maharashtra Times

AD size : 3 x 5

AD Rate : 420/- per sq.cm

AD Amt : 6300/-

5% GST Will be Extra

However Clients not wishing to spend 6000/- to 7000/- for public Notice in Times of India may even opt for other cheaper options in other newspapers.

We have a range of other combinations for English + Marathi newspapers the range starts at 2629/-





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