Creative Thinking Skills Can Be Acquired Through Training

The yellow hat represents an optimistic outlook that represents the positive side of everything. The main concern is about the values ​​of the company. Even in the worst of situations in a company, he finds something good.

– Intelligence and creative power are two different things. Only the brains of those who are intelligent work on a riddle and its solution.

Edward Bono:

Edward Bono is considered a worldwide ‘authority’ on creative thinking. His books are very useful for students and professors of management. His following five books have been extremely useful. The names of these books are as follows:

  • City Bus Creativity,
  • Lateral Thinking,
  • Six Thinking Hats,
  • A Beautiful Mind and
  • Think Before It’s Too Late.

Edward Bono has worked as a professor at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and other universities. Edward Bono firmly believes that creative thinking does not drip from the sky. It is not the monopoly of certain individuals. Creative thinking is a skill that can be acquired through the same endeavours as cycling, swimming, cricketing, math, wrestling, etc. You also have to learn and practice certain things to meditate. Bono says a high or moderate IQ designation is not essential for creative thinking. There are many intelligent people in the society who are efficient. But it is not always the case that intelligent people are creative. Intelligence and creative power are two different things.

Six Thinking Hats:

The creative idea of ​​six different colored hats for holistic thinking was introduced by Edward Bono on the 19th. Suppose a meeting of six managements was held to solve a difficult problem or to create a new idea. Imagine a new idea of ​​six hats for contemplation. In this meeting everyone will wear a hat of a different color and according to that color the hat will be white, red, black, yellow. , Green and brown. Contribute to the meeting in the same way that everyone wears a color hat, not to exceed the color limit.

White hat:

That information, print outs are associated with other statistics, its main function is to get information. The white hat wearer raises the following questions in the meeting: (1) What do we know about this? (2) What to do to get additional information (2) What is missing in the information (3) Where can we get the information we need? The information that each member has has to be presented in the meeting.

Red hat:

It has to do with emotions, urges, etc. In it the person represents emotion and intuition, not information. For example, it contains exclamations or sentences (1) I do not like this idea at all. (2) My feeling is that we will never succeed in this matter. (2) What is being discussed now is an abuse of our time. (2) I deeply believe that the price increase will destroy our market. (2) I think this person will be useful to the company. (2) I think office politics is behind this decision. Members wearing red hats are not going to give themselves reasons why they feel this way. Only emotion has to be expressed.

Black hat:

The wearer of this hat is meant to present critical thinking. Samples of critical thinking are as follows. (1) This decision does not correspond to the mission of the company. (2) Our strategy is not different from the strategy of competitors. (3) Our R&D department does not have sufficient capacity to find new products in the company. (2) Doing so will cause many other unforeseen difficulties.

Yellow hat:

The yellow hat represents an optimistic outlook that represents the positive side of everything. The main concern is about the values ​​of the company. Even in the worst of situations in a company, he finds something good.

Green hat:

The green hat discusses the development of green in nature, new branches of the tree and new leaves sprouting from the branches. Just as the green color in nature indicates creativity, so does the representation of the person wearing this red hat. It introduces how we can move forward and become the number one company. The green hat manager introduces new suggestions to the meeting.

Brown hat:

The sky is blue. He insists that Fox remain in the discussion. Determining the suitability of the brown-haired discussion also suggests that the white-haired man now completes and then the red-haired man introduces himself to make arrangements at the meeting. He stated in the meeting. The green hat manager speaks so we get new ideas. They also suggest that if we have heard of the black hats then why the white hats don’t speak anymore! They may even say that if the brown hats started then the brown hats will end the discussion.

Edward Bono’s Six Hats thinking has become famous all over the world and is used by huge companies in America and Europe.


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