– There are two types of research. One major discovery and another minor discovery. Both of these kinds of discoveries lead human life to prosperity.

The difference between innovation and invention.

Creativity means creativity and creativity means giving birth to a brand new idea. Imitation has no place in creativity. Creativity and innovation are viewed differently in the fields of management and economics. Creativity is a new idea while innovation is to embody this new idea in a new product or service. In short, creating a brand new product based on a new idea and putting it on the market is called innovation. Not every invention becomes innovations.

Apple invented the laptop computer and Japan’s Sony invented the Walkman and sold it for millions. It’s called innovation. The US Federal Express invented the ‘Overnight Delivery Service’. We do not call scientific discoveries innovation or innovation but ‘discoveries’ because scientists discover the scientific laws hidden in nature. Innovation is also called innovation in the field of product and service, but these improvements can be considered as secondary inventions compared to inventions of fundamentally new product or service. E.g. Purple or tamarind ice cream is considered a secondary invention while the invention of ice cream can be said to be basic. Incremental innovations occur on a large scale in the corporate world. This is often the case in the fashion world, but basic inventions do not often occur in the world. Basic navigation makes many types of secondary searches possible. We do not fully understand why only a tiny fraction of the world’s population is creative, but we do know that new ideas are not suppressed in inventive societies and even seemingly insane ideas are peacefully tested. In these societies, those who challenge traditional ideas or those who are challenged by religious, political or economic authorities are not punished.

Innovative companies or organizations

The culture of innovative companies is different from that of traditional companies. There is a constant flow of information within the company of innovative companies as well as companies with the external environment. If the company’s product is not working properly or it has become obsolete then the company tries to make new improvements for new products or old products or services. For this, creative people do not hesitate to seek the help of outside experts or consultants. Neutral experts or consultants are likely to have more accurate information about what is really happening in the outside world as these experts and consultants are associated with many companies. While the knowledge and skills of the company managers are limited to their own field of operation. Often new ideas in the company also come from those working at the bottom and traditional companies ridicule and ignore their suggestions. To develop a creative company culture, a company needs to develop an open system, not a closed system. An open system means welcoming new ideas and testing (evaluating) them instead of shutting them down. Of the many new ideas, only one or two are worth checking out.

Most new ideas have twists and turns. The mindset of rejecting all new ideas as unacceptable is what we call closed mind. Western companies are at the forefront of cultivating a culture of encouraging employees at all levels of the company to come up with new ideas (whether eccentric or impractical).

Suggestions for Creating Creativity

Suggestions for creating a service-oriented organization outside of a company or company can be helpful.

  1. Acceptance of change: The attitude of rejecting or opposing change is called ‘Resistance to Change’ in English. Creative organizations are willing to make creative changes.

. Encourage new ideas: New ideas can come from any level of organization or company. Organization managers need to develop the skills to stimulate new ideas. The belief that the lowest or bottom employee or worker cannot have creativity must be abandoned.

. Acceptance of Failure: New ideas are too large to be put into practice or too eccentric, so the organization has to cultivate tolerance for many new ideas to fail in practice.

. Freedom for new ideas: Employees of a company or organization must be given freedom to come up with new ideas. Laughing or reprimanding a newcomer will only frighten other employees and make them reluctant to come up with new ideas.

. Reward those who come up with new ideas: Employees who come up with new ideas should be rewarded accordingly. This award can be financial or non-financial.


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