The Beliefs Of The Company Management Changed

Some beliefs are fundamentally changing in 21st century management. New start-ups should start with these new beliefs in mind.

The following changes are not yet complete but some companies are moving towards change.

Sustainability: The ability to last a long time is called sustainability in English. Some industries indulge in immorality in the pursuit of instant profit and make other mistakes such that such companies die childish or collapse after a few years. Establishment of East India Company for business in India It happened in 1900 and lasted for more than 20 years.

Balance: Many companies do a lot of damage to other legacies of the industry in their quest to increase sales. Although some companies claim that our sales and profits increase by 20 to 30 per cent per annum, they cannot maintain a balance between other aspects of the industry (finance, R&D, employee management, clean environment, etc.).

Knowledge Workers: We all know that the world is slowly mechanizing the work of physical labor and also robotizing some intellectual work. Today’s workers also have to get a college degree. Workers have to become knowledge workers.

Integration: Leaving orders on company employees or other workers will be less. Power will be exercised with more wisdom. Instead of controlling from above, the management systems of the company will be changed in such a way that many types of autonomous units will be formed within the company which will be known as Autonomous Work Units.

Environment: The Company wants to produce not by destroying nature and natural elements (air, water, trees etc.) but by harmonizing with natural factors. This is not fully understood by the company management as our manufacturing facilities (public as well as private) are destroying nature. At present the capitalist and communist societies are the product of the industrial revolution and the industrial world. They are destroying natural resources. We are not free without cultivating the mindset of preserving and enriching the elements of nature. Failure to do so may result in the destruction of our planet.

From individual to network: The heroes of the agricultural age were kings, feudal lords, chiefs, generals and landlords while the ‘heroes’ of the industrial age were and are industrialists. But the ‘heroes’ of the information age that has just begun will be the scientists.

From Electricity to Electronics: Electricity generation and distribution are now becoming commonplace and public. Access to electricity is now ‘taken for granted’ but all the information age has risen on the electron. Everyone now knows that the work of electrons is behind digitization.

Bit-byte: We generate a lot of electricity through atomic energy but our whole digital revolution is based on the invention of bit-byte.


Management-Dhawal Mehta,

Gujarat Samcahr Sunday 27.02.2022

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